Invite Pulcinella to your next birthday!

Pulcinella is a happy-go-lucky puppet who takes on life’s challenges head first.

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  • Pulcinella comes to New Zealand

    A phone call from New Zealand is the beginning of Pulcinellas epic Pizza delivery.

    Pulcinella has to evade the stringent bio security measures in order to bring the pizza into New Zealand and that is only the beginning; there is also a black sheep and Death to contend with…

This is a raucous slap stick comedy from a similar tradition to Punch and Judy.  Fighting, dancing, cannibalistic sheep, a dead body, a funeral a brush with death and happy ending.

Suitable for ages 7+

After the shows the children can meet the puppets  and there is also the option of adding a puppet making craft activity.

Puppet show (20mins) : $100
Puppet show + craft (45 mins) : $150 for up to 15 children and  then $2 for each extra child.

Invite Edmund Snail to your birthday party

Edmund is a crazy cooking marionette who will add a bit of spice to your party

Pasta Arrabiata

Edmund will bring his travelling suitcase kitchen and make you a delicious bowl of spaghetti bolognaise (or at least to try to!)  But things are not what they seem in this crazy kitchen and there is a surprise hiding in the cooking pot.Children and adults can meet the famous cook after the show. There is also the option of adding a simple puppet making craft activity.

Puppet show (20 mins) : $100
Puppet show plus craft (45mins) : $150 for up to 15 children and then $2 each extra child.