Schools and Kindergartens


My puppets would love to come and entertain at your centres.  Pasta Arrabiata, The Mermaid’s Song  and Once in a Full Moon would be the most suitable shows. You might also consider hiring Enid – The Portrait Painter to paint children’s portraits at a parents or celebration night at your centre.

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Shows will be followed by an opportunity for children to meet the puppets and ask any questions they have.

I can also lead or provide resources for a puppet making craft.



My puppets would love to entertain at your schools. They can tie in with units about puppetry, fairy tales and storytelling.

The marionette shows (Pasta Arrabiata, The Mermaid’s Song) being on a small scale are best enjoyed by 1-2 classes at a time.  But it is possible to perform to larger groups if a raised stage is available.

Pulcinella shows  can be performed to larger audiences.

After the shows the I can answer questions about the puppets, the show and it’s construction and development.  I can also run puppet making workshops with smaller groups of students or provide resources for teachers to run a follow-up craft activity in their classes.

In smaller groups students can have an opportunity to try manipulating the puppets.

I also have a collection of puppets and can speak to the children about world puppetry traditions.